Feeling confused? Choosing a threshold ramp only takes 1 minute.

Feeling confused? Choosing a threshold ramp only takes 1 minute.

I want to buy a suitable threshold ramp, but with so many kinds of threshold ramps, how do I choose the right one?

Don’t worry, this article will help you make your choice in just 1 minute.

Do you have the answers to these questions about purchasing a suitable threshold ramp?

1. What is the height of the threshold from the ground?
2. What is the length of the threshold?
3. Where do you use threshold ramps? Or what circumstances are ramps used?

Okay, if you can easily answer these three questions, it means that you have clear needs, and then you can continue reading this article.

1. The height of the threshold from the ground determines the ramp you buy.

Select the desired ramp height from the category options of the store on the website. (As shown in the picture)

use height of ramp

2. Select the type of ramp.

Currently, threshold ramps are made of aluminum, rubber, and PVC. All three have their own pros and cons, and the final choice should depend on your usage scenario.

TYPES OF Threshold Ramp

The length of aluminum ramps is fixed, while tT can be cut according to needs. PVC ramps are available in a variety of colors to meet specific home design styles. So what are the specific characteristics of the three?


Choosing a threshold ramp

 Giving it a try now

3. Recommend the top three sales of our store

(1)RTR90 rubber ramp
This ramp can be cut and combined, and is suitable for most domestic and commercial scenarios. It is the choice of most American families.

RTR90 rubber ramp

(2)NBR40 bridge type aluminum ramp
The bridge-shaped design of this ramp is suitable for situations where there is a height difference on both sides of the threshold and is specially built for American families.

NBR40 bridge ramp


(3)MTR100 rubber ramp
This ramp can be cut while allowing vehicles and pedestrians to enter from the side of the ramp, making it safer and more comfortable to use.

MTR100 rubber ramp

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