Ruedamann loading ramp

The Meaning of Brand

RUEDAMANN, a combination of Spanish ‘Rueda’ and German ‘Mann’, is inspired by an ancient Chinese philosopher’s writing of putting ourselves into else’s shoes to view the world and shape the future. Ruedamann strives to build products with meticulous craftsmanship and to service our clients with utmost security.

About Us

Since its founding in 2004, Ruedamann has been devoting all efforts focusing on customer service, making quality products to meet such high standards as GS and CE, which allows us to build a strong and loyal client base in Europe countries, Japan, United States, and China.

Today, with an industry leading product design and manufacturing team, advanced production equipment, first class testing lab, and extensive network of collaborators and partners, Ruedamann offers a broad range of products including household barrier-free ramps for wheelchairs, portable ramps for outdoor and traveling, play racks for pets, heavy duty ramps for motorcycles and all terrain vehicles, T-top tower and accessories for recreational boats.

Ruedamann beholds quality product, excellent customer service, and constant improvement as some keys to its success.  In a quickly evolving world and fast pacing industry, Ruedamann will only continue to better itself in quality and service, to develop new products, and to penetrate
new markets.

Perseverance, and pursuance for excellence are Ruedamann's motto.

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