How to use loading ramps?

How to use loading ramps?

How to use the loading ramp when we get it?


1. First we need to unfold the ramp

The side with the ramp tailgate is usually placed on the vehicle to stabilize the ramp when installing the ramp.
Put the other side on the ground.

2. We need to use pull straps to fix the ramp

Pull straps are straps made of durable material used to stabilize slopes.

We first tie one end of the drawstring to the ramp. If it is a hook-type drawstring, we will hang the drawstring directly on the ramp. If there is no hook, just tie the drawstring and the product directly together.

We then tie the other end of the drawstring to the horizontal bar under the vehicle. Similarly, if it is a hook type, just hang it directly. If it is a non-hook drawstring, just tighten it.

3. Use of loading ramps

When pushing a vehicle up a slope, a man with relatively strong strength is required to push it. Vehicles cannot be driven on slopes, which may cause safety problems.
Please use the ramp within its safe weight capacity.

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