How steep can wheelchair ramp be?

How steep can wheelchair ramp be?

I'm sure you've seen steep slopes, but the reality is more amazing than you think.

LIke this?

steep wheelchair ramp 1


Or this?

steep wheelchair ramp

We don't know what the purpose of building these ramps .
But I'm sure it's challenging and difficult for wheelchair users.

The steepest ramp actually refers to a relatively large slope.

ADA Standards for Wheelchair Ramp Design:

Ramps: Curb ramps and interior or exterior ramps to be constructed on sites or in existing buildings or facilities where space limitations prohibit the use of a 1:12 slope or less may have slopes and rises as follows:

(i) A slope between 1:10 and 1:12 is allowed for a maximum rise of 6 inches.

(ii) A slope between 1:8 and 1:10 is allowed for a maximum rise of 3 inches. A slope steeper than 1:8 is not allowed.


For wheelchair ramps, the maximum slope ratio is as follows:

wheelchair access ramp ratio

Taking 6 feet length of wheelchair ramp as an example, when the height is 7.2 inches, manual wheelchair users can go up and down the ramp by themselves; but when the height is raised to 12 inches, they must be accompanied by an escort before they can go up the slope. When the applicable height exceeds 18 inches, it will obviously require a stronger person to push a lighter weight wheelchair or cargo up the ramp.


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