How to maintain aluminum alloy ramps daily?

How to maintain aluminum alloy ramps daily?


Although aluminum alloy ramps have many advantages such as corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and easy cleaning, you still need to pay attention to some problems during use, otherwise the service life of the ramp will be greatly reduced!

movable aluminum alloy wheelchair ramps


  1. The ramp needs to be cleaned regularly.


Although aluminum alloy ramps are not easy to rust, the screws on the ramp, the back of the ramp are places that are not easy to pay attention to. These places must be cleaned specifically. If not cleaned, the screws may become loose and the back of the ramp may Mold etc.

Side seams for wheelchair ramps


Note: Do not use chemical and corrosive cleaning agents when cleaning ramp. Because scrubbing cleaners will damage the protective film on the surface of the ramp. It is important that use clean water or neutral detergent for cleaning.

Wheelchair ramp surface


Of course, after cleaning, dry it with a soft towel, not a rough cloth.


  1. Regular inspection of ramps.


Because the ramp product is a spliced product, we need to check it regularly to avoid safety problems.

Detail of wheelchair ramp


Please check and tighten the nuts regularly to prevent loosening or misalignment. If the part is deformed due to excessive weight or impact. Please stop using it and replace the deformed parts or tighten the screws in time.


  1. Pay attention to safety and load bearing


The safe load-bearing capacity of a ramp refers to the weight that the user can move on the ramp for a long time, but the maximum load-bearing capacity is the weight that the user can use for a short time.

 Wheelchair ramp load-bearing

For the long-term use of the ramp and the safety of users, we recommend that the use of the ramp is best carried out in a safe load-bearing.


The above are several issues that need to be paid attention to when maintaining and cleaning aluminum alloy ramps.

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