If you want to buy a bridge ramp, it is recommended to read this article first!

If you want to buy a bridge ramp, it is recommended to read this article first!

The appearance of the bridge-type threshold ramp is like a bridge.
A ramp is used to solve the height difference problem on both sides of the threshold. This is the characteristic of the bridge-type ramp.

How to choose a bridge type ramp?

Measure the width of the threshold. There are two supports in the middle of the bridge ramp, and the width of the threshold should be less than or equal to the width between the support legs. However, you can also remove all the supports of the ramp or cut off part of the support on one side under the sill ramp to adapt to more situations.

Note: The height of the support legs of the bridge ramp determines the height of the threshold. We do not recommend the use of thresholds that exceed the usable height of the ramp.

Where should bridge-type threshold ramps be used?

When there is a height difference between the left and right sides of the threshold and the ground, a bridge threshold ramp is needed. This will make it easier for ramp users to enter and exit the threshold.

This threshold ramp is suitable for high curbs, steps, and bathrooms with thresholds,etc.

NBR bridge type threshold ramp features:

1. There is an anti-slip film on the surface of the bridge-type threshold ramps, which ensures that the ramp has very safe anti-slip properties.

2. Durable aluminum serves as a high support for the wheelchair ramp to avoid deformation and collapse.

3. Width: 27.6 inches (70 cm). Height: 1 inch (2.5 cm), suitable for most homes in the United States.

4. Threshold ramps are quick to set up, extremely lightweight and easy to move.

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