motorcycle loading ramp

Teach you three tips to choose the right motorcycle loading ramp

Choosing a motorcycle ramp can be a headache for first-time buyers, who don’t know how to choose the right one.

motorcycle loading ramp


1. According to the weight of your motorcycle

Most motorcycle ramps have this filter. Depending on the weight of the motorcycle, we can choose a ramp with appropriate load-bearing capacity.

The loading weight of the ramp directly determines the users of the ramp.

For small motorcycles, generally ramps with a load capacity of 600-800 LBS can be used. But for heavy motorcycles, you may need to purchase a heavy-duty ramp with a load capacity of more than 1000 LBS.

safe load capacity

2. According to the width of your car’s tires.

Many times, including wheelchair ramps, attention must be paid to the width of the tires.

It is not acceptable for the tire width to be slightly smaller than the width of the ramp.

In principle, the width of the ramp should be at least 3"-4" wider than the width of the motorcycle tire to prevent the tire from getting stuck on the ramp or making it difficult to move.

tire width


3. According to the usage environment of your car

When to use? Where to use? If the motorcycle is moved to a fixed location, we can choose a non-folding loading ramp. This kind of loading ramp is obviously easier to use if it is not folded and can be used directly. However, if you are going to take your car with you to travel, it is obvious that a folding ramp will be more suitable for you. This kind of ramp can effectively save space.


Of course, these premise are that you purchase from a reliable store. After all, safety is paramount. Ruedamann can do this. Our products use excellent metal materials and stronger processes.

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