These maneuvers are dangerous when using ramps!

These maneuvers are dangerous when using ramps!

Wheelchairs are important tools for rehabilitation, and ramps are important outdoor facilities that facilitate wheelchair mobility.


Wheelchairs ramp


  Although ramps are wheelchair accessible, they also pose certain potential hazards. You must pay attention to these dangerous behaviors!

  1. Do not check the condition of the wheelchair before going up/downhill.


This situation is often forgotten. If the brakes of the wheelchair fail and the person in the wheelchair does not sit firmly, these factors will cause great danger when the assistive personnel promotes the movement of the wheelchair. Therefore, wheelchairs must be inspected, so what should we pay attention to?


1) Place the unfolded car flat on the ground;

2) Pull the parking brake to brake the left and right rear wheels;

3) Put away the footrest, move closer to the wheelchair, hold the left and right armrests, and slowly get on the seat cushion;

4) After the patient sits in the wheelchair, unfold the footrest, put his feet on the footrest, and fasten the seat belt;

5) Release the parking brake to push forward.


  1. Danger while driving


1) Very fast.


Since the front wheel of the wheelchair is small, if it encounters small obstacles (such as small stones, small ditches, etc.) when traveling quickly, it may easily cause the wheelchair to stop suddenly, causing the person in the wheelchair to tip forward and injure the patient. Therefore, the wheelchair must be pushed slowly to make the wheelchair move up/down slowly.


2) Wrong forward and backward leaning.


We need to understand that leaning forward and leaning back can be extremely dangerous at the wrong time. The correct behavior is that when going uphill, the person in the wheelchair can lean forward to prevent backward turning; when going downhill, the person in the wheelchair can stretch the head and shoulders and lean back while holding on to the handrails. , to avoid accidents.


3) Sudden braking.


It is strictly forbidden to use the parking brake when the wheelchair is driving, especially when going downhill, to avoid personal injury caused by rollover; in case of emergency, the person pushing the wheelchair must be careful and pull back if necessary (because the rear wheel is larger, stronger ability to overcome obstacles).


4) Blind implementation without prompt inquiry.


Observe the situation before and after the road while walking. If you are a patient, you need to ask the patient if he or she is feeling unwell at any time.

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