Those who insist on not installing a ramp will face these dilemmas later.

Those who insist on not installing a ramp will face these dilemmas later.

In daily life, we always evaluate an item based on whether we need it or not.


Many people think that they don’t need a ramp. The point of these people is that I am not a wheelchair user, or the steps in my house are not high, or I think a wooden board will do the same.

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Of course, there are many reasons why you don’t need it, but these unnecessary reasons are obviously problematic and may even bring you trouble.


  1. Do ramps only exist for people in wheelchairs?


Ramps have always been an important design element in architecture, and they have the same reasons for their existence as steps.


Of course, there is no doubt that ramps bring convenience to people in wheelchairs. The important significance of ramp construction is to solve the problem caused by "steps", which is the problem of the gap between high and low.


This "step" can be the distance between the vehicle and the ground, the distance between the house and the ground, or any existing gap in height. This gap will definitely exist, especially during transportation. Therefore, you may not need a fixed ramp, but you must have a simple, convenient, and easy-to-use mobile ramp, which will solve many trivial troubles in your life. For example, a lawnmower at home can be easily moved to a truck.


  1. Is a simple mobile ramp advisable?


Yes, but not recommended. These cannot be called ramps, they can only be temporary "stepping stones."


This can be done in case of temporary emergencies, but we should still have professional mobile ramps to avoid greater hidden dangers. Professional moving ramps are made of very good materials, which are not easy to rust and non-slip. They are wide enough and long enough, so they are stable enough.


Imagine how bad it would be if the inside of this "stepping stone" had rotted away, or the surface had become slippery on a rainy day!


Perhaps, you can consider equipping your home with a mobile ramp for long-term use! I think Ruedamann is a good choice. In just 10 years, we have developed into one of the best ramp manufacturers in the United States. Both Amazon and Walmart have products from Ruedamann. Our products can be returned and exchanged within 30 days, and have a one-year warranty. The quality is trustworthy!

Ruedamann Threshold Ramp

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