To buy the right wheelchair ramp, you only need to do these five things

To buy the right wheelchair ramp, you only need to do these five things

What should you pay attention to when purchasing a ramp? This article tells you how to buy it in five simple points.

1. Understand your own needs

Before purchasing a ramp, you need to understand your usage needs:

(1) Who uses it?

If it is used by women, the weight of the ramp is a factor that must be considered. Most of the wheelchair ramps on the market can be used by women alone, but there are also differences in weight, so you can choose according to your own situation.

Extremely light ramp

(2) Where to use?

This is very important. Before purchasing a ramp, you must measure the height of the steps. This is the prerequisite for choosing the length of the ramp.

We need to know that there is no very fixed ramp ratio for moving ramps. Generally speaking, the slope length is selected by 6/8/10/12 times the height you want. For details, see How to Choose a Slope. We just need to remember that the longer the slope, the less effort it takes.


ramp ratio for moving ramp

(3) What is the width and height of the wheelchair?

The purpose of purchasing a ramp is to make wheelchair travel more labor-saving and simpler.

The width of the wheelchair's tires and the distance between the tires are data that must be measured.

Since most ramps add height at the edges to prevent the wheelchair from tipping over, the wheelchair may get stuck if it's too low, so this will also need to be measured.

2. Understand the basic types of ramps

Wheelchair ramps are mainly folding ramps, telescopic ramps and threshold ramps.
If it is only used for thresholds or very low steps, you can choose threshold ramps. The threshold ramps on the market are all within 100 dollars.

Folding ramps and telescopic ramps can be used for higher steps, even multi-level steps.

Folding ramps are ramps that can be folded, which can be divided into left and right folding or up and down folding. Telescopic ramps are ramps that can expand and contract in length.

Taking Ruedamann as an example, these two ramps are available in lengths from 1FT to 10FT, and they also support customization. The specific choice still depends on the usage scenario.

Ramp Type

3. Find a professional ramp manufacturer

When choosing a ramp, you need to consider the quality and guarantee of the product. At this time, a professional ramp manufacturer is one of the necessary considerations.

Ruedamann has entered multiple shopping platforms and received top three ratings in ramp reviews in the United States.

It is a very reliable ramp manufacturer. Ruedamann's products are all sold in the United States, with fast shipping and a one-year after-sales guarantee, making them very reliable.

4. Small details

In addition to the above factors, you should also pay attention to some details when choosing a ramp.

pay attention to some details

For example, are there handles? Is it non-slip? What is the weight capacity? Need to mute? These small details are completely the product’s outstanding selling point.

5. Communicate more with customer service

The purchase of ramps is different from other products. There are many models of ramps with small differences, so it is easy to buy the wrong one.

In case of uncertainty, it is recommended that you always ask customer service, they will solve your questions and recommend the most suitable product for you.

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