the pins on a wheelchair ramp

What are the pins on a wheelchair ramp used for?

The movable ramp can actually be turned into a fixed ramp, which is an important role of the pin.

When consumers purchase a movable ramp, especially Ruedamann ramp, we will ship the movable barrier-free ramp with pins to you. So what are pins of ramp? Can ramps be fixed without pins?

1. The function of the pin:

In summary, the most important function of the use of pins is to maintain the safety of users.
The use method of pins is to use a drilling tool to fix two pins through the holes on the ramp head plate. This will make the moving ramp more stable and also avoid the user from the possibility of the ramp sliding due to various reasons. Thereby ensuring the safety of ramp users.


the use of pins

2. So, it’s not safe without pins?

My answer is that ramp is still safe without pins, but only if the user uses it correctly.

During the production of ramps, Ruedamann ramp experts will simulate various usage methods of users to improve the product to maximize mobility while reducing usage risks.

Every factory ramp has undergone very strict safety testing to ensure the safety of every product.

improvements of wheelchair ramp

These improvements include:

(1) Improve the anti-slip sand film on the back of the head and tail boards to increase the friction between the ramp and the ground;

(2) Combined with different usage scenarios, the angles of the head and tail boards of the loading ramp and wheelchair ramp have been scientifically calculated and rigorously fits the ground, vehicles and steps.

(3) Set up side pipes on the edge of the ramp to prevent rollover and improve the safety factor.

3. Why don’t the loading ramps have pins?

Since the loading ramp is used to load goods and small vehicles, mobility is very necessary. Once the pin is fixed, it takes time to pull it out before it can be moved, which is very unreasonable. However, loading ramps are generally equipped with hooks.

These hooks are made of high-density materials, which are not easy to break or damaged and are very strong. When using loading ramps, hooks are generally used to secure them, thereby reducing the risk of use.

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