telescopic wheelchair ramps

What you need to know about telescopic wheelchair ramps?

We have summarized some product problems about telescopic ramps and explain them to you here.

1. Is it easy to pinch your hands during the expansion and contraction process of the ramp?

Since the telescopic ramp is controlled by the lock, the lock is very tight, especially for new products. During the first use, we must be careful about the lock to avoid getting our hands caught.

telescopic ramp lock

Don't worry, as the number of uses increases, we will become more comfortable using the lock.

2. The ramp is made of alloy. Will it become slippery when it rains?

Most ramps are made of aluminum alloy, which proves that aluminum alloy materials have excellent properties of rust resistance and corrosion resistance.
Linear anti-slip design
In addition, in the manufacturing of the ramp, the design of the holes increases the friction between the tire and the ramp, and the protrusions on the surface of the ramp also increase the friction.

What‘s more, the use of anti-slip pads on the tailboard ensures that the ramp is not easy to move and ensures the safety of ramp users.

Anti-slip mats for telescopic ramps

3. What are the pins on the ramp used for? Is it okay if I don't use the pins?

The most important function of the bolt is to maintain the safety of the user.
Dowels are used by threading the dowels through the holes in the ramp head plate with a drilling tool. This will make the mobile ramp more stable and avoid the possibility of the user causing the ramp to slide due to various reasons. This ensures the safety of ramp users.

Telescopic ramp's pins

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