Are you still worried about how to choose a pet ramp?

Are you still worried about how to choose a pet ramp?

When choosing a pet ramp, we can also start from several basic aspects of choosing a ramp: the width and length of the ramp, the load-bearing capacity of the ramp, the style and characteristics of the ramp, and the price of the ramp.


cute dog ramp

1. Selection of the length and width of the ramp.

With any ramp choice, the longer the ramp length, the better.

The longer the ramp at the same height, the easier it is for pets to move, and it also reduces the difficulty and danger of climbing for pets. Please choose according to the recommended use height of the product! ! !
the length of dog ramp


Selection of the width of the ramp. If your pet is equipped with a wheelchair, we recommend that the width of the ramp must be selected taking into account the width of the wheelchair. In addition, the width of the ramp is also related to the type of pet.

Of course, if your dog enters the car through the side door of the vehicle, we need to measure the maximum width that the door can open, otherwise the ramp will not work. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the maximum width of the car door opening before purchasing to select the width of the ramp.

dog ramp for car


2. Load-bearing capacity of the ramp

There are many types of pets, and it is very important to choose a ramp based on the weight of your pet.Of course, if your pet is also equipped with a wheelchair, you also need to calculate the weight of the wheelchair.

pet ramp for car

We recommend that small dogs choose ramps with a weight capacity of 100-200lbs, and medium and large dogs choose ramps with a weight capacity of more than 200lbs.

3. Style features of ramps

Pet ramps can be divided into two categories: ramps and steps according to different usage scenarios.

The main feature of pet ramps is that there is no difference in height and is smooth; while pet steps are composed of multiple lower steps.
dog ramp VS dog steps
Generally speaking, we can place small pet steps next to the bed or tables in indoor activity areas. Using a pet ramp when doing outdoor activities or when your pet is climbing higher stairs or vehicles.

In addition, pet ramps are available in folding and non-folding versions. For easy storage and movement, we recommend purchasing the foldable version.

Foldable dog ramp

There are many materials for pet ramps, which are generally divided into metal, plastic, and wood. So which one is better to choose? My suggestion is metal ones are best.

Although wooden ones are natural, if pets are more active, they will chew the ramps. In addition, wooden ramps are difficult to store and maintain.

Plastic ramps are suitable for small pets, are lightweight and durable. However, for medium and large dogs, safety issues such as rollover may occur.

Although metal ramps are relatively heavier and more expensive, they are safer and more convenient for long-term use.

wooden dog stairs VS plastic dog ramp VS Aluminum dog ramp

4. Price

From a price point of view, many people think that making your own ramp is the most cost-effective option, but this will test the our hands-on ability, as well as the selection and purchase of materials. In fact, it takes a lot of time and effort.

In comparison, purchasing a movable pet ramp is more cost-effective. The pet ramps on the market are relatively cheap. Most of the good quality ramps are around 100 US dollars. They are made of relatively strong, safe and wear-resistant materials and will not affect the daily activities and health of pets.

For example, our BODA01 pet ramp is originally priced at US$119.99, and new users can enjoy a 10% discount. Made of durable aluminum, this pet ramp is better than plastic ramps. Weighing in at 13.8 pounds, this pet staircase is extremely lightweight yet has a weight capacity of supporting up to 400 pounds. The surface is covered with a sand anti-slip film, which can provide our pets with a better footing and is more wear-resistant.

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