In this season, maybe it that accompanies you needs a ramp.

In this season, maybe it that accompanies you needs a ramp.

1. Let pets ride in the car comfortably and safely

On April this year, Honda released a message on social networks, saying that they would launch a series of car configurations to serve pets. Honda UK believes that since customers have demand, it might as well give it a try.

Recently, they have officially launched pet car supplies, such as guardrails, rubber trunk mats, trunk door frame protectors, etc. In addition to these, you also need to prepare a "ladder".

If you want a larger pet to sit in the trunk of an SUV, MPV, or in the cargo compartment of a pickup truck, but pet is relatively heavy and it is difficult to hold it, then it is best to place a ramp or ladder to make pet easier to get on and off the vehicle.


outdoor dog ramps for steps

2. Effectively reduce the discomfort of OA dogs

Do you know what OA is?

This is a joint disease in animals in which excessive stress is placed on the cartilage that acts as a cushion between bones, causing the joints to gradually deform, resulting in chronic pain and difficulty moving. OA is one of the most common chronic pain diseases in dogs, with reports that the prevalence in dogs is close to 40%.

Among the factors that lead to pet orthopedic diseases, apart from trauma and genetics, other causes are accumulated over a long period of time.

dog ramp tall bed


We all know dogs love walks. Dogs tend to move even if they feel a little bit of pain, making it difficult for owners to notice their dog's pain. Therefore, avoid using steps or stairs when your dog moves within the activity area at home. If possible, you can use special barrier-free ramps (especially when you need to get in the car when going out) to reduce your pet’s joint pain and also help to delay the disease.

3. Care for elderly dogs

Winter is a time when temperatures plummet and elderly pets need more love and care.

Caring for elderly pets is not only the responsibility of pet owners, but also our reverence and respect for life.

Generally speaking, when a pet enters the last third of its life cycle, it enters old age. Specifically, small dogs are around 8 years old, medium-sized dogs are around 7 years old, large and giant dogs are around 6 years old, and cats are around 8 years old. This is only a rough reference. We need to make a comprehensive judgment based on the physiological characteristics of each pet.

collapsible pet steps

Creating a friendly home environment can help your senior pet feel comfortable at home. For example: anti-slip treatment on the ground, raising the position of food and water bowls, and setting up ramps at steps and thresholds to make it easier for them to cross and walk.

They once brought us countless joy and companionship. When they grow old, we should give them more companionship and care so that they can spend their later years better.

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