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Ruedamann®Threshold Ramp Aluminum with Portable and Anti-Slip Surface

Ruedamann®Threshold Ramp Aluminum with Portable and Anti-Slip Surface

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【Quality Material】 The threshold ramp is constructed with quality aluminum material that provides efficiency, anti-rusting and water resistance.

【Humanized Design】The wheerchair ramp is made for doorways and small thresholds since it is equipped with the dimensions of 10"/12" /15.7" L * 31.5" W (25/30/40*80cm) that can bear the load capacity of 600 lbs (300kg). It is recommended to use this ramp below the height of 1.6" (4cm)/2"(5cm). Suitable for vehicles with width less than 30" (770mm).

【Lightweight and Portable】 The door ramp is lightweight since it is composed of aluminum and due to its lightweight efficacy, it is also portable making it perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

【Anti-Slip Surface】 The threshold ramp offers a surface that is equipped with anti-slip film which is with high traction and anti-skid ability. It also has yellow warning stickers on both sides making it easy to identify the ramp even in dark.

【Easy Installation】 The wheelchair threshold ramp has 2 holes that are perforated for screws, can be used for fixing ramp to ground.

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Warranty period of our ramp is 1-year, artificial damage is not within the warranty period.


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How to choose a ramp?

Ruedamann wheelchair ramps are one of the best-selling mobility ramps in the United States and are widely used in the commercial, transportation industry, healthcare and nursing home industries, and private individuals. We know you may also be wondering how to choose the best ramp, so we’ve created this guide to help ensure you get the best ramp for your purposes.

1. First you need to measure the steps, stairs, thresholds, curbs, vehicles, etc. where the ramp will be placed:

(1) Measure the total vertical height from the ground to where the ramp is placed, which we call the "vertical height". (See below)
How to select a wheelchair ramp?

(2) Measure the total length of the steps to ensure the ramp is long enough to overcome the steps.  (See below)
Slope length


2. Understand the slope ratio.

Common slope ratios are: 1:4; 1:6; 1:8; 1:10 (see the figure below).


For manual wheelchairs, our recommended slope ratio is 1:6. For example, for a 1 cm rise (vertical height) you will need a 6cm long ramp. If you have a larger space for the ramp, you can buy a longer ramp than recommended as this means you will have less effort and easier going up and down the steps. Note: 1:4 is the maximum height.

3. We also recommend checking the threshold and whether there is any height inside the steps.

For situations where the interior height is low, bridge-type sill ramps are often the perfect solution. ​

4. Choice of width.

Your ramp should be wide enough to accommodate your wheelchair/scooter, but narrow enough to accommodate your threshold. For this reason, we offer a range of widths for you to choose from.

Our normal folding ramps are 72cm wide, and we also offer extra-wide folding ramps with a width of 85cm. Telescopic ramps require you to check whether the tire width of the wheelchair or scooter you are using exceeds the inner width of the telescopic ramp. The inner width of our telescopic ramps is in the range of 15-25cm.

Note: Since the side height of all telescopic ramps is 5cm, the chassis height of the wheelchair must be greater than 5cm. If the bottom of the chassis is too low, the wheelchair will get stuck on the side tubes of the ramp.

5. Contact us.

If the above article does not answer your questions, please contact us with your questions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Karen C.
The Best One Out There

Sturdy, well-made, and simple to install. I push my mom's transport chair down from the house level to the porch. Lay it there, and it holds. Great product.

Small but Mighty!

I'm just so darned pleased with the purchase. I recommend buying it for the type of use I have described at least.

Anthony O.
a clean, simple appearance.

Some of the photos have the manufacturers word logo written on it. I've ordered 2 of these and neither had that, which I like, because I like a clean, simple appearance.

Tracy M.
Perfect solution

This sturdy ramp was perfect - sturdy, gripped well, smoothed out a difficult doorway. "lightweight" well that's a subjective term. Heavy enough to be sturdy and stay in place, light enough to move in and out of the doorway as needed.

Eugenia Y.
Perfect and great for portability too

This is perfect for use with the scooter chair to get over garage threshold into the house. It's easy to throw this in the car when we go to a friend's house so we can easily reduce unexpected barriers. Definitely recommend. Great quality!