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Ruedamann® Threshold Ramp Durable Solid Rubber with Anti-Slip Surface

Ruedamann® Threshold Ramp Durable Solid Rubber with Anti-Slip Surface

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【Quality Materia】The threshold ramp is constructed with quality natural rubber material that provides safety with no pungent smell, durability and enhances traction of the ramp for high performance.

【Ergonomic Dimensions with High Loading Bearing Capacity】The threshold ramp is made for doorways and bathroom thresholds since it is equipped with the dimensions of 8.1L*43.5W inches (20.5*110.5cm) that can bear the load capacity of 2200lbs (1000kg) and a raised height of 1 inch (2.5cm).

The dimensions of 12.6L*43.5W inches (32*110.5cm) that can bear the load capacity of 2200lbs (1000kg) and a raised height of 1.5 inch (3.8cm).

the dimensions of 16L*43.7W inches (40.5*111cm) that can bear the load capacity of 2200lbs (1000kg) and a raised height of 2 inch (5cm).

【Humanized Design】The wheelchair ramp is equipped with superior edge design to increase the area of usage, so that will not slide down off the edge when using the rubber ramp to ensure safe use.

【Strong Traction】The ramp offers a stability that is equipped with anti-skid design on the back of the rubber ramp to enhance the traction and provide a strong grip on the ground, allowing the ramp to hold its position. The rubber surface has molded drain channels for added traction that provides an anti-slip feature during rainy days.

【Customizable as per your needs】Due to the rubber material, the ramp can be customized by cutting it to fit your threshold for maximum utilization and comfort. You can use it outdoors like in your garage, during wet or dry seasons or indoors. It is suitable for power chairs, mobility scooters and foot traffic entry. Suitable for vehicles with width less than 34" (865mm).

rubber threshold ramps

rubber threshold wheelchair ramp
rubber threshold wheelchair ramp
rubber threshold wheelchair ramp
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Warranty period of our ramp is 1-year, artificial damage is not within the warranty period.

How to cut rubber ramps easily and flatly?

1. Tool preparationCutting rubber ramps requires the use of specialized tools.

You need to prepare any of the following tools:

(1) Rubber cutting machine.
(2) A sharp utility knife

2. Cutting steps

(1) Measure the rubber

Before cutting the rubber, you need to accurately measure the size of the rubber. Using a tape measure or ruler, measure the width and length of the rubber and record it.

(2) Start cutting

Place the rubber on the cutting machine workbench, and use a
rubber cutting knife to cut the rubber. If you are using a rubber cutting machine, just press the start button to automatically cut.

(3) Trim the edges

No matter what tool you use to cut the rubber, the cut piece
will likely need a little trimming. Use a whetstone or sandpaper to smooth the edges to make them smoother.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michael C.
Outstanding product

Your product met and exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much!

Thank you for giving our products the opportunity to perform. Thanks!

Susan H.
Price was right

Assist in getting riding mower into shed over the door opening.

Galina K.
Very happy with my purchase.

Highly recommend

Thai D.

The 1" inside and 2" outside thresholds made an absolutely PERFECT transition for myself and my powerwheelchair. SMOOOOTH as silk and heavy enough that it wont move ....period! Can't rave enough about these products

Roger D.

Works great for using with my mobility scooter for getting over the door stoop.