Tips for using pet ramps - deciphering pet psychology

Tips for using pet ramps - deciphering pet psychology

Many people buy pet ramps but end up leaving them unused because their pets don’t like using the ramps.This is just like you don't want to use a wheelchair as long as you can walk.


Dogs have never used ramps to go up stairs or vehicles, so they will be scared and confused.

In addition, although dog owners can help their dogs get up and down vehicles and stairs by holding their dogs, this practice has negative effects, especially on character development.For dogs with stronger personalities, this approach is very detrimental to their self-esteem;and for younger dogs, it is not conducive to daily socialization training and can easily develop a character that is overly dependent on their owners.

Although dogs don’t like it, the use of ramps is very necessary.So how should you guide your dog to learn to use ramps? This is actually very simple:

1. When the pet goes up and down the slope for the first time, the owner can hold the dog's paw and lead it up and down the slope, and teach it twice.

The purpose of this is to tell it that this slope can be walked and climbed, and it is very safe. Some dogs are timid, so you need to help them overcome their fear.

2. Food training method. To put it simply, the owner holds the food to attract it.

When the dog successfully walks on the slope, you need to give it food. If the dog successfully walks down the ramp, you will need to give him food ,too. After repeated back and forth training, the dog will be able to use the slope.


This is to help dogs form a conditioned reflex and help them form the habit of using ramps.

In addition to the method, the most important thing is the patience of the owner. Only the owner's patient training can help dogs develop the habit of using ramps.


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